Trekking on Moonscape, The Volcanoes of Lanzarote

Hi friends
Trekking on Moonscape
The Volcanoes of Lanzarote
This trip was the highlight of the cruise for me. I had booked it prior to the cruise and travelled to Southampton in my trekking boots especially for it. I was really looking forward to the adventure.
We travelled to the volcanoes by minibus, and I vaguely knew a few people on the trip.
Thomas was our tour guide, he was very knowledgable, charming and handsome, he certainly enhanced the volcanic experience and I don’t mind admitting to accidentally on purpose pretending to take a photo of a volcano and getting Thomas in the picture too. It’s good to appreciate a country and it’s people.
After a short talk we headed off into the volcanic moonscape area, with our trekking poles and hardy boots, this was tough dry terrain and being well prepared was essential.
It was windier and cooler than I had anticipated, but good for trekking.
There’s not much rain on Lanzarote and the volcanic sand is used on the crops at night, for the moisture that comes from the condensation.
The main crops of Lanzarote are the vineyards for wine and sweet potatoes. The vineyards are very low because of the harsh winds and small walls surround them, the walls are arranged so the stones have small holes so as to help reduce the wind that could potentially destroy the crops.
The wind comes in one direction, from the Sahara and when the volcanoes erupted the wind would direct the rocks to one side only.
There’s not much vegetation on Lanzarote, figs are imported, they have Aloa Vera too. The only animals are lizards, eagles and rabbits, as there’s nothing for them to live on due to the dryness and heat.
There are three types of lava depending on their temperature and texture – Aa is very hot
Spa hoi hoi
Rope – smooth lava
Olivina is a green mineral inside the rock and likens is an orange mineral and plant which first colonised the rock.
The first volcanic eruptions were from 1720-1726 and the last one was in the 18th century.
We headed off trekking towards a volcano called Pico Partido meaning Broken peak.
We first come across a fig bush that had been imported. Thomas tried to find figs to show us, but there were none. We next came across a devil symbol monument.
We trekked towards our volcano, the pathways were quite good although the rocks were quite sharp and the area very dry.
We came across what Thomas described as a bubble on the ground, which was quite spongy and invited us to jump on it as it was spongy, he demonstrated first. I had a go and he took a picture.
We ventured further into our volcano and went exploring into many small gorges, where the hot lava had penetrated the rocks, it was fascinating to go inside.
Thomas showed us rocks with all the different coloured minerals inside called likens and olivina.
We walked towards Pico Partido, climbed up to the top, walked around the edge of the crater, then walked inside the crater, it was amazing, I took a video inside.
I kept taking lots of pictures, also I asked people if they would kindly take pictures of me, which they didn’t mind and Thomas also was the official photographer at times, but eventually didn’t like to ask anymore so I did volcanic selfies.
The whole experience was wonderful and exceeded my expectations. The barren dry, rugged untouched landscape of Lanzarote was like nothing I had seen before, and you could imagine what it would have been like when the volcanoes were active.
Trekking on moonscape was an experience I will never forget and will go into my memory bank as one of the all time greats, and enhanced by my fellow Trekkers and Thomas, I thanked them.
Have a great day
Love from
Loraine x























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