Hi friends
Orbs are a small circular objects that appear on digital cameras when there’s a lot of high energy in the room. Sceptics say they are dust particles or areas of light.
I know they are non physical energy, emanations (flow from) spirit, angels, ghosts or whatever you want to call them.
I first heard about orbs when reading about Wayne Dyer finding them when he was doing a seminar, and with people he was teaching. They would show up everywhere, on the ceilings, above their heads, around their bodies.
When I was on The Canary Island cruise, there was a lady from Canada who sat at our dinner table, she was married but her husband wasn’t with her. I immediately connected to Jo, she was so lovely, full of inspirational stories, we had many in depth conversations.
She shared with me her stories about finding orbs on her camera, and that they were in the theatre after the Abraham seminars and also when there was a show on, she showed me pictures, I was fascinated.
She also showed me on her laptop a video of her nephew being really excited about getting presents, and an orb shooting down at him and the little 5 year old looking up.
I had to find my own orbs I thought. Jo and I went to the theatre one night when a show was on. I was taking pictures all over the theatre, in the ceiling, on the stage. the staircase, and sure enough there were orbs on my camera, I was thrilled.
And so my orbsession began, I was taking pictures all the time wherever there was a lot of high energy in the room, I also got some in the Quasar bar where people were dancing and having a good time. I was getting some brilliant bright blue ones, some with faces on them. I was so excited and telling and showing anyone who would listen. Most people were very interested and intrigued.
One day Jo was in the seminar waiting for Abraham to come on and taking pictures in the theatre, she showed the couple behind her the orbs on her camera. The couple were klaus and Gundi Heinemann who had written books on orbs called The Orb Project and Orbs – Their Mission and Messages of hope, wow how about that Jo thought. Klaus told Jo that you have to intend to see the orbs in order for them to appear, he was a scientist with a PhD and had done extensive research into orbs, and said they appear to give us hope. Even Wayne Dyer refers to him.
To me orbs are evidence that we are spirits and surrounded by non physical energy bringing us hope and love, and I don’t know about you but this makes me feel excited, hopeful, joy and eternally grateful beyond belief.
Happy Wednesday
With Love
Loraine x






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