Milk It

Hi friends
Milk It
At the weekend I attended a wedding in the picturesque village of Thorpe St Andrew in Norfolk.
It was Chris and Andy’s wedding and I knew we would have an amazing fun time because we had not been together for a while, but we were not prepared for exactly how much fun.
On the morning of the wedding I opened the curtains to a beautiful blue sky, the sun was shining, perfect for a wedding I thought.
The wedding didn’t start till 2, and at breakfast a couple of friends said they were going to see the seals at a local beach that were half an hour away, they asked me if I wanted to go, I immediately said “”yes” as I always like to explore new surroundings.
We arrived at Horsey beach and typical of that area was the grassy sand dunes, which I love to run down, Jean-marc and I followed Paul as he had been there before.
I was in my element walking along that beach, the sun was shining, walking along the huge untouched sandy beach, not a soul in sight, the sea was calm and gentle waves lapped the shore.
I took off my boots and paddled in the sea, it was cold but refreshing. We spotted a couple of seals bobbing up and down in the sea, I thought wow how about that.
Paul marched on ahead to find the seals, we only had so much time as the wedding was at 2.
I could see Paul and Jean-marc in the distance, they had found the seals on the beach, I was beginning to feel excited, I was still paddling.
I approached the seals and it felt thrilling, but they started quickly swimming back into the sea, I thought I must get a video of the seals going back into the sea at so much speed. It was quite a frantic sight to see.
I approached Paul and Jean-marc who said it was me that was scaring the seals and that’s why they were going into the sea, I felt bad, there is no way I would deliberately frighten them, I love animals and nature.
The people watching the seals were annoyed with me and said so, I apologised. Paul said they were saying “who is that stupid woman approaching the seals”. The warden came up to me, handed me a leaflet on the seals he was very polite and nice, I said “I’m sorry” to him too.
We headed back as time was getting on for the wedding. After the wedding Paul told all our friends aboute me and the seals everyone was laughing, not about the seals of course, but the situation, and then there were more jokes to compliment the story, which was hilarious.
The story became the funniest story of the weekend and we were laughing till we were crying. Paul also said they were embarrassed in front of the people that they knew me, and was going to pretend he didn’t know me as I approached them, I know he was joking, that was so funny.
What was great and funnier than the incident was everybody laughing till they were crying, especially my friend Karen, that was so special to watch.
We thoroughly milked that situation, laughed, joked and enjoyed it so much. Even at breakfast on the last day we were laughing raucously.
Milking great moments is what life’s all about, have a few situations or stories up your sleeve when you go about your every day life that will take you back to that funny. loving or special moment and milk it for all it’s worth, because the universe doesn’t know if the funny moment is now or 20 years ago, it’s all about the vibration you’re omitting NOW.
So milk it, that’s what I say.
Happy Monday
Love from
Loraine x







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