Care About How You Feel

Hi friends
Care About How You Feel
I would not only say care about how you feel, but make it a top priority. Why is this so important ? –
Because it’s the basis of your life
It differentiates between a mediocre life and a happy one.
It’s your point of attraction, meaning that when you feel good you are attracting, by the Law of Attraction, more good things to you.
You may say “how do I feel good with all that’s going on around me, the circumstances and events that throw me off course”.
It’s a conscious decision and you must pre-plan your good feelings, thoughts and emotions in advance.
Always start the day on the right footing with a daily practice that suits you, such as meditation, visualisation, affirmations, a gratitude journal (I love to do focus wheels on the day ahead).
Identify a subject that you know will give you a positive good feeling such as:-
Your children
Weekends away
Good food
Favourite hobby
So when that negative situation occurs, you go to that good place and milk it.
When you decide to no longer watch the news –
You care about how you feel.
When you’ve developed the skill to change that thought about your ex-husbands bad behaviour from years ago –
You care about how you feel.
When your friend is talking negatively, and you can gently and diplomatically guide them to a more positive subject or the positive aspect of that situation –
You care about how you feel.
When you deliberately choose to do things that you really love, and do them often –
You care about how you feel.
When you blunder into your day without consciously making the effort to feel good, people and circumstances will pull you this way and that, it feels like life is happening to you. You will feel like a puppet on a string.
Whereas, with a bit of forethought and pre-paving that, nothing is more important than that you feel good, you will feel like you are in the driving seat, circumstances, people and events will co-operate around you, they will be responding to your positive vibration, you will feel powerful and invincible, and the universe will knock it’s socks off to deliver more and more things to feel good about.
I think it’s well worth the effort to decide, and it’s always a choice, to feel good no matter what, and watch with delight as your life feels like heaven on earth.
Have a great day
Love from
Loraine x


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