No Competition

Hi friends
No Competition
I was travelling with my son Craig in the car, he was talking about his favourite subject, athletics, he belongs to an athletics club and he’s a sprinter, he was talking about how fast he goes and who he wants to beat.
I said “Craig there is no competition, the only competition is with your own self belief”. I thought wow where the heck did that come from, downloaded from Universal Intelligence that’s for sure. In my desire to give my son good advice that’s what came out of my mouth; even Craig said I’m going to put that on my status.
We often think there is too much competition out there, in business, socially and generally.
When we use the idea of competition in any area of our life to affect the way we act and behave, we underestimate our ability and self worth.
There is only ever one reason we are not getting what we want, and that’s because we are not a vibrational match to it.
We do ourselves an injustice when we compare and feel competition, for we are all unique and wonderful in our own way, and when we understand that and know that we merely have to focus on what we want with positive expectation, the world then becomes our oyster.
We deserve the best life possible, forget about everyone else, they are not thinking of you, they too are doing the best with what they know.
Be bold, excel yourself, get out of your comfort zone, shine your light as bright as possible, this big wide world needs you.
Happy Saturday
Love from
Loraine x


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