Timing Is King

Hi friends
Timing is King
When you are in alignment and you are feeling good on a consistent basis, perfect timing in every area of your life is inevitable.
Because your resistance is low and your positive energy is high, when you ask for something or just think I prefer that, the universe delivers with exact precision and perfect timing.
Often when things happen suddenly whether big or small, such as thinking about a friend from school from many years ago, then you meet them in the supermarket, you think it’s just a coincidence, but be assured it’s the perfect timing and indication of your alignment, and the universes ability to deliver to you.
The more in alignment you are the faster things come and on perfect time. In fact since coming back from the cruise and feeling such a high vibration I will ask for something and trust that it will come. and it does every time.
For example I’m looking for a specific pair of scizzors, can’t find them anywhere, but I know that in my desperation to find them they will not come, in fact if I was really close to them I would not be able to find them. So I forget about them, but the desire for them is still there within me, so another day when I’m not even thinking about the scizzors and looking for something else, they miraculously appear.
This is happening all day every day, it feels like The Universe, God, The Divine, Source Energy, whatever you want to call it, has got your back, it’s your best friend and it is your best friend if you will allow it.
Just imagine every day feeling that you are never alone, there is a force all around you and within you working with you and through you giving you exactly what you want on perfect time and all you have to do is allow it, release the resistance and feel good.
The side effect of that of course is that you feel really good and on top of the world, not a bad side effect in my opinion.
So today create perfect timing for all your desires, have faith and know with every fibre of your being that its always works out in the end, if you don’t get in your own way.
It will feel like – TIMING IS KING
And you are King or Queen of your Kingdom.
Have an fantabulous Friday
Lots of Love
Loraine x


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