Exude Vibrant Energy

Hi friends
Exude Vibrant Energy
Sean Stephenson the motivational speaker who is in a wheelchair, loves to go clubbing, and actually twirls round in the middle of the dance floor in his wheelchair, arms in the air, thoroughly enjoying the music.
One particular night he went to a nightclub with his able bodied friend, he was dancing away as usual and was surrounded by loads of people, particularly girls. Sean loved this, as he openly admits to his love of women.
His friend said in a jealous tone “it’s not fair the girls love you so much, they always surround you, it’s because you’re cute and small and they feel sorry for you” he wasn’t being nasty just expressing his opinion.
Sean said “ok let’s go to another part of the nightclub, where no one knows us, and we can do an experiment”.
They both went to the other side of the nightclub. Sean just sat in his wheelchair, he behaved like he was shy, timid, self conscious, embarrassed about his condition, a totally different type of energy to what he had been exuding previously.
Everybody passed him by, they didn’t want to be near Sean, some people actually gave him a wide birth, some saw him and went another way.
Sean had made his point to his friend, it was nothing to do with people feeling sorry for him, it was the fact that he was exuding such high positive energy and people merely wanted to be around him.
His friend said “I get it Sean come back, come back, I want the real Sean who is a people magnet, and I now understand where you’re coming from”
We are all vibrational beings exuding different levels of energy all day every day. Words don’t necessarily express this energy, but you can feel it, and you want to be around this type of person, to bathe in their fun and love of life.
Life is just so much more easier, flowing, fun and just so damn good when you exude vibrant energy.
Today tune up your frequency, get on that high level and watch as everyone around you responds positively.
Have a happy Friday
Love as always
Loraine x


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