Inspirational People – Sean Stephenson

Hi friends
Inspirational People
Sean Stephenson
By chance I came across a remarkable motivational speaker amongst my many emails, called Sean Stephenson.
Sean is American, was born in 1979 and his parents were told he had 24 hours to live, as he was born with a condition called osteogenesis imperfecta, where his bones stop growing.
Sean is 3 foot tall is unable to walk and uses a wheelchair. He needs assistance with all his daily functions, such as dressing, washing and going to the toilet.
When Sean was young he was ridiculed for being different, but he tried to lead a normal a life as possible, but he faced many challenges, if he sneezed he would break a bone, he had many operations. Sean decided to change his diet and also began a fitness regime by rolling side to side and throwing balls and doing weights, he began to feel stronger physically and mentally.
Deep inside Sean felt he had a purpose in life, and was given his body for a reason, and that was
he wanted to rid the world of insecurity.
He became interested in politics and worked for President Clinton for a while, he’s also met The Dalai Lama and is friends with Richard Branson, and motivational speaker Tony Robbins became his mentor.
But his true calling was awaiting, and when he was 17 he was asked to do a talk in a school about disability, he did, and found that he loved it, he began talking in more schools and colleges.
He went on to become a doctor and got a PhD in hypnotherapy, he’s also an author. But his true passion was in public speaking, and he began perfecting this unique art that only very few can do really well, which research has shown is top of the most scariest things to do.
Sean became a much sought after speaker and commands fees of 30,000 dollars, he had been doing it for 17 years now.
When Sean speaks it feels like he is talking to you alone, like he is a close friend. he is open and graphic about his plight but in no way wants pity, he says pity is a disease. His stories are deep and personal and often very touching. He is also very funny. He is open about his love for women and has had many girlfriends, and is married to a young beautiful girl.
How easy it would have been for Sean to feel like a victim and feel sorry for himself. He chose, and he emphasizes choice, to create a life beyond what most people ever dream about, through persistence, overcoming many difficult obstacles, self help which created a high self esteem, and much more.
I admire Sean Stephenson for his true guts, and if you want to be inspired, entertained and feel eternally grateful for your fully functional body, go watch Sean Stephenson.
Have an awesome day
Love Loraine x


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