Hi friends
Have I mentioned that, when you ask it is given, every single time no questions asked , in this infallible, never let’s you down, wonderfully friendly universe ? I think I have, many times, but here’s another example.
I’m going to Bulgaria with my friend Marilyn this weekend. I have a house out there that I bought off eBay 4 years ago. It is set amongst the Balkan mountains, and overlooks rolling hills, it’s my little piece of paradise.
I have had it refurbished and now it only needs finishing touches such as pictures and ornaments. There are many huge walls to cover, but pictures are very heavy to get in my case.
I have seen in a friends house out there a picture rug (it’s made of material) which I liked, and thought they would be ideal for my walls, but I’ve never see them in the shops here, and the village of Rish don’t have shops that sell that sort of thing, it’s a sleepy Bulgarian village with only grocery shops.
So my desire for a picture rug has been on the back burner for quite some time, until yesterday I was on the market, everywhere was shutting, I looked up and there in their full array of splendid colour was 6 picture rugs displayed on a market stall, my heart missed a beat, for I knew this was definitely a manifestation of a desire.
I told the owner of the stall that his picture rugs were beautiful, and would look perfect in my Bulgarian country home. I went and bought 3.
Wow how about that, I’ve had this idea in my head for over a year, then a couple of days before travelling to Bulgaria they miraculously appear, but I’m going to stop being surprised because this is now becoming the norm.
This universe is like a catalogue, literally ask for what you want, visualise it with positive emotion, let go, then like MAGIC it will appear.
Have a great weekend
Love Loraine x


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