Back In Time

Hi friends

Back In Time

I’ve just returned from an amazing trip to Bulgaria where I have a house, I went with my friend Marilyn, and I consider it as my little piece of paradise.

Marilyn loved Bulgaria, and she had a feeling of ‘coming home’ mainly because of the peace and quiet, the laid back lifestyle and the vast array of animals, as she’s an animal lover.

For me Bulgaria represents a land of years gone by, where people lived a century ago, without the technology and fast pace of our current modern living.

This type of lifestyle has a very calming affect, as it enables you to get back to the basics, just like the locals. The pace of life is very slow, but purposeful as they work the land to survive. and prepare wood to keep warm for the very cold winters.

The people are very friendly, humble and welcome you with open arms , which surprised Marilyn, as she thought they may be resentful of foreigners coming to their land, but she soon realised it was quite the opposite.

The Bulgarians were fascinated with our iPhones, and the fact that we can take pictures which you can see immediately. I took loads of pictures and they happily posed.

It’s good to get back to basics like the Bulgarians in the sleepy mountainous village of Rish.

They think we are rich, but it’s they who are rich by leading a simple but hassle free life.

It’s good for us to sample life like this. to go back in time and find out who we really are, without so many outside influences.

Have a great day.

Love from Loraine x

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