Hi friends


The Bulgarians are certainly very resourceful, mainly because they have to be, especially in the sleepy village of Rish, as they have little money, outside supplies are limited, and they have extreme weather conditions, it’s very hot in Summer and very cold in Winter.

The skill of being resourceful can be acquired, but covers many aspects:-

-Be prepared, anticipate situations
-Assess a challenge – is it a crisis, a setback or an inconvenience
-What is available – people, objects
-Get creative
Use objects in unconventional ways for workable solutions
-Experiment, trial and error, learn what works
-improvise, make do with something that’s available, until you get a better solution later
-Act quickly, seize the opportunity
-learn by mistakes
-Persistence, don’t go away before the problem does, try a dozen times, a hundred times, do whatever it takes, never consider yourself not succeeding immediately as a failure, look at it as practice. See the positive in every situation.

My friend Troufka in Bulgaria is extremely resourceful, she has pickled vegetables and fruit in a store house that would last 2 years. She has a vegetable patch in her garden, and mostly all her food is home grown.

When we went to Troufka’s house she would feed us with delicious delicacies, that were home made from her garden.

Unfortunately, Troufka’s son Kouncho, who lived with her, is in hospital on a ventilator, and because of the language barrier I don’t know the full details, but I can tell that Troufka is very upset and anxious about it, and he’s in a hospital 2 hours away. She also had a son Ivan that died last year of a stroke. Marilyn and I said we would pray for Kouncho.

Because of the situation Troufka finds herself in, she’s got herself a little yappy dog that barks whenever anyone is near, so in this instance she has been very resourceful in finding herself in this vulnerable situation. I was concerned about Troufka, but I do know that she is very capable and resourceful.

My friend Marilyn  was also very resourceful in Bulgaria, she did explain that she’s had to be coming from a family of 14 siblings.

It was a bit chilly during our stay in Bulgaria and Marilyn took command of the phet oven that’s also a heater, she watched Troufka on how to burn the wood, which way to burn it, heat wood up underneath in preparation to burn next.

Yes Marilyn was very resourceful in many situations, and I joked that her name was Marilyn Bear Grylls Hart.

I think we are all resourceful in many ways without being aware of it, but to be more aware and make the most of your surroundings, being prepared, assessing, improvising and staying positive and not giving up, can be another tool in your box of tricks for staying on that positive path to a fulfilling and satisfying life.

Have a fantastic weekend

Love as always
Loraine x

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