Hi friends


Autumn is such a beautiful season, because of the amazing array of colours that grace the foliage, the –

At the moment in this country we are in full bloom of Autumn, but in Bulgaria Autumn is nearly over and the harsh Winters are about to set in, but on my recent trip there was still some evidence of Autumn.

A new friend that I met on the Canary Island cruise took a very effective and stunning picture of, he describes it “fall in the old west” in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, it looks like a picture taken from a western movie.

When I took my grandson out recently there were huge shiny conkers everywhere, we collected and played with them, which took me back to when my own children were small, where they used to have conker fights where the conkers hang from a sting and each child would destroy the other’s conker, apparently it’s not done anymore.

Because of the mild but crisp weather we’ve been having this Autumn, the stunning autumnly colours look their best, set against the deep blue of the sky.

Yes it’s good to appreciate the world around us and marvel at the changing of each season, but Autumn is quite unique and special.

So today just look around in wonder and be grateful for the beauty of this wonderful world.

Have a happy Monday

Love from Loraine x

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