Ask Questions

Hi friends

Ask Questions

You know how your mind has that constant chatter going on, invariably it’s chatter that doesn’t serve you, it’s a habit and it’s often negative.

One way of controlling the mind, and guide it to more positivity is to ask questions as you go about your daily life, such as:-

Show me great things to love?
Give me interesting things to see ?
What can I do that thrills and excites me ?
Give me fascinating and interesting people to rendezvous with ?
What can I see and hear that I love ?
Where are there great things to do that I feel passionate about ?
Show me the beauty of this planet all day every day ?

When you practice this little trick of the mind, the mind can’t help itself but get busy finding answers to all those questions.

The Law of Attraction’s momentum will carry you thought by thought to all those things you love and are asking for, and before you know it one great conversation, event, beautiful picture, flower synchronicity, will present itself to you.

With practice you will be able to control your mind to do what you want it to do, instead of feeling it’s like a car rolling down a hill with no brakes.

Positivity is inevitable when you practice this process, it’s also great fun, and at the end of the day that what it’s all about.

Happy Thursday

Lots of Love
Loraine x


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