End The Struggle And Allow

Hi friends

End The Struggle And Allow

Have you ever wanted something so bad that you’ve worked hard for it, worried about it, struggled to figure out how, researched it, discussed it with others ? whether it be a:-

Pile of money
Perfect body

Of course you have, and what I’m about to tell you is leading edge, I feel priveleged to know it and so should you, because we are in the minority, but I do believe in years to come everyone will know this, and it’s like when everyone came to the realisation that the world was round and not flat.

Your desire is done on a vibrational level and all you have to do is allow, meaning let go of the resistance, you are then a match to your desire and it must come, it’s law.

But how do you let go of a desire that you want so badly ? One way is to get off the subject altogether, by distracting yourself with subjects that make you feel good.

Another way is to go general on the subject, in order to soothe yourself and not feel so desperate, for example :-

“I really want that house, but I know what will be will be, the universe will sort it and if I don’t get this house something better is lined up”

My friend Jean-marc E Beloulou company went into liquidation he was very worried as he had taken out a new mortgage, he expressed his concern to his friends, we tried to reassure him, but he had to do it himself. He worked on his positivity, visualised a new better job, Jean-marc took the situation in hand and connected to the power of his mind, and low and behold he’s announced that he’s got a new job in a location nearer to home. He didn’t like his old job and the universe took care of it for him, and now he’s in a better position all round.

A relative years ago was trying for a baby the same time as me, I fell pregnant immediately, but unfortunately she didn’t, even though all tests were normal. After a few years she stopped feeling so desperate for a baby and decided to enjoy life regardless, then she fell pregnant, because she allowed it in.

There’s no need to struggle to get anything, the universe knows exactly what you want.

You are the centre of your universe and worthy of all that you desire, once you allow, believe, and have faith, it’s only then that the magic will happen.

Happy Monday

Love from
Loraine x


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