Harness The Leverage of Allowing

Hi friends

Harness The Leverage Of Allowing

When you allow you leverage the energy that creates worlds. What does that mean ?

It means your resistance or negativity is non existent or very low, your positivity is high, so when you go about your day you have immense leverage and power.

What is leverage ? It’s like a lever when you pick something up, it helps and assists you.

The universe will do this for you if you allow, the person you want to speak to will turn up, the money that you needed for that bill will appear through the letterbox. That letter from a friend that you’ve been looking for everywhere will miraculously appear.

Try it, you will feel invincible and a miracle worker, but after a while you will expect your life to run exactly as you planned, for you really do create your own reality.

Have a great day

Love from
Loraine x


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