Watch In Excited Anticipation

Hi friends

Watch In Excited Anticipation.

You’ve been practicing daily your meditation, affirmations, visualisation, focus wheel or whatever works for you.

You’ve decided what sort of day you would like. Usually you have a rough idea of how your day will go, from your journey to work the people you meet to events that will happen during the day.

But if during your visualisation you upt it a notch, by asking for great conversations, funny situations with fun friendly people, real connection and rapport with the people you ineract with.

Or you could have a desire to feel really powerful at work where you boss is very impressed with you, enough to give you a pay rise. just be deliberate in your desire and get to the feeling place of it.

Then release it into the universe, but be subtly aware of what is manifesting around you, that is in line with your vibrational point of attraction, even feeling an excited anticipation of what’s going to happen will bring results quicker, because the frequency of expectation will be very high and you will be a match to your desire.

Noticing your manifestations occurring around you is very powerful, because it gives you a trust and confirmation that you are doing things right, and a confidence to continue.

I do this every morning and the surprises and delightful occurrences are magnificent, just one synchronicity and magical moment after another. It feels like I’m the genie and the universe is the lamp.

It can be like this for you too, do the work, practice daily, feel ease, release resistance, cultivate excited anticipation and then watch and be aware, as the universe co-operates around you, like you’re the centre of the universe,which of course you are.

Have a marvellous. day.

Lots of Love
Loraine x


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