The Power is for Everyone

Hi friends

The Power is for Everyone

I’m fortunate enough to have many fun, fantastic friends and there’s never a weekend when there’s not something going on.

We’ve been to many events where you can win raffle prizes or win on the dogs, but one unique thing happens every time there is a prize to be won.

My best friend Kathy wins every time. Granted she always does buy a lot of raffle tickets and tickets for the dogs, but this isn’t the reason she wins.

The reason she wins every time is because she’s a vibrational match to winning, she expects to win and she does every time, not one or two prizes but often 5, and on a recent event she won saucepans worth £200. The scenario goes that I also win one or two prizes too.

Everyone say “Kathy’s so lucky she wins every time” and whilst this is true to a certain extent. We behave like she has some magical power, and that she’s the only one who has it, and with this attitude everyones’s energy towards this scenario is now in the mix.

The truth is, this power is open to all of us, it’s just a matter of focusing the energy more deliberately. For a start you must buy a raffle ticket, you’ve got to be in it to win it, decide that you’re going to win, visualise it and hey presto.

Helena Heskell is a lady in her 80s and when her family were young she would win prizes all the time, holidays abroad, she even won a house. She taught her children to be positive and win stuff with the power of the mind, she’s wrote a book about it.

So you see this power is for everyone, not just the selected few.

Just decide that you’re –
In this game of life, and watch those prizes come rushing through the floodgates.

Have a great day.

Love from
Loraine x

Loraine Denison's photo.
Loraine Denison's photo.
Loraine Denison's photo.
Loraine Denison's photo.
Loraine Denison's photo.

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