Make the Shift

Hi friends

Make The Shift

When we have that negative thought from the past or an incident that happened recently, or even a fear about the future, it doesn’t feel good, and the reason it doesn’t feel good is that you’re inner being knows only love and goodness, so it’s not who you really are.

It may feel difficult to make that shift and get yourself into a more positive place, but with some effort and practice it can be done.

An incident happened to me yesterday, wherein if I let myself dwell on it would ruin my weekend, so I’ve talked myself round and felt grateful for all the good in my life,

Christmas is coming, I’ve got a great fun weekend coming up with friends going down to London dressed as Santa’s, all is well with the family. I like to walk the talk and practice what I preach. It has worked, and I’ve got myself back to feeling good.

Because when you make the shift :-

– You’ve changed the direction of your life

– You’ve created a miracle

– Your point of attraction has changed, now positive experiences will occur

-You have chosen happiness

– You’ve let go of fear and live in the now

– You realise that you can’t control the uncontrollable

– You control the only thing you can control and that is how you feel

– You feel powerful and invincible

– You know without a doubt that you create your own reality

– Your faith and trust is renewed

– the Universe will back you in your better thought pattern

– The Universe really is on your side, is your faithful friend and rooting for you.

So you see making the shift has huge benefits, it’s well worth the effort and allows the magic to begin.

Have an amazing weekend.

Love Loraine x


2 thoughts on “Make the Shift

  1. Brilliant Loraine – such a great turnaround and it doesn’t matter what the incident was, the important thing is to focus on the good stuff. Thanks for the reminder!


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