You’re Already Abundant

Hi friends

You’re Already Abundant

The young fisherman was lazing in the the warm afternoon sun, a gentle breeze on his face, feeling thoroughly relaxed and good about himself and his life. He was taking a break in between fishing trips.

A rich business approached him and said, “young man why don’t you get yourself busy using your boat to do excursions for the tourists”
“Why is that ?”replied the young fisherman.

“Because then you can earn money to buy your own boat” he said.
“Why is that ?”

“Then you could buy a few more boats and earn more money”
“Why is that ?”

“Because then you could have you’re own empire of boats, and become really rich”
“Why is that ?”

“Because then you could spend your days relaxing and lazing in the sun”

Say no more. We are already abundant beyond our wildest dreams, just feel it appreciate it and be eternally grateful, this is the first stepping stone for even more abundance.

Happy Friday

Love as always
Loraine x


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