Protect Your Good Beliefs

Hi friends

Protect Your Good Beliefs

A belief is a thought you keep thinking and are often ingrained since childhood, they are important for they shape your life.

We all have beliefs that serve us and ones that don’t. The universe will back up your belief with evidence, as your focus upon a subject the law of attraction will bring those circumstances to you, reinforcing your belief and creating a cycle.

I’m the same as everyone with a mixture of good and not so good beliefs. A good belief I have is that most people are good, honest and trustworthy, this is a good belief to have as it’s given me a lot of freedom to travel the world, chat to strangers and much more.

However, recently I considered, contemplated and bought into someone else’s cynical untrustworthy belief of people, which brought me an array of not good circumstances, such as a bank fraud from Australia and an unscrupulous travel agent.

All this because I didn’t protect my very valid and worthy belief.

I’m now back to my belief of most people being trustworthy, honest and good, in a way that I feel a stronger conviction than ever, that this is the right belief for me.

So identify your good beliefs and hold on to them, don’t be swayed into thinking or believing anything else from others or outside influences.

Your good beliefs serve you and guide you to the best circumstances that are right for you, and lead you to your best life possible.

Happy Wednesday

Love from
Loraine x


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