Attitude of Gratitude

Hi friends

Attitude of Gratitude

I woke up the other morning to my boiler not working, so I had no heating or hot water, and it was a particularly cold and frosty morning.

The usual thoughts of “where will I get a plumber”
“how long will it take”
“how much will it cost”
went through my head.

These challenges are sent to try us, but I’ve taught myself to be solution orientated, and I know that fearful thoughts do not serve us.

The solution occurred in the evening, and it was just a minor fault. I got a plumber through a friend of a friend.

When the heating went on,
I felt ecstatic and such gratitude for the plumber and the warmth.

We do have a tendency to take all that we have for granted, until it’s taken away from us.

Let’s feel gratitude and appreciate all that we have before it goes wrong or taken away, for gratitude is the great multiplier.

When we are grateful the universe will bring us more things to be grateful for.

If we spent the rest of our days in an attitude of gratitude for everything, we would live a life of bliss, and live happily ever after.

Happy Thursday

Lots if love as usual
Loraine x


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