Stampede of Joy

Hi friends

Stampede of Joy

I was cycling along, it was a beautiful crisp sunny day, the sky was blue. it felt lovely after a few days of hard frost.

I cycled past the meadow and the beautiful tan coloured jersey cows were mooing like mad, they were obviously happy and enjoying the warmer weather, because when it’s cold they don’t move and huddle together.

I stopped cycling and looked over the fence to watch them all frolicking together, it was a unique sight.

I mooed back at them, they then started stampeding, I got on my bike and it was as if I was having a race with these beautiful creatures.

The cows were stampeding in joy, chasing running after this crazy woman who sounded like them, but sure didn’t look like them.

It was pure connection with the beasts of this planet.
Just a joyful, spontaneous, magical moment in time, and ones that I relish.

Have a great Friday

Love from
Loraine x


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