Hi friends


Clarity is having a clear mind, clarity is a state of divinity. It’s the absence of confusion. It’s a wonderful state of being, and one that most would want to strive for.

Often clarity comes miraculously after feeling confused about a subject for some time, all of a sudden you get a lightbulb moment, it’s often when you are engaged in doing something you love, like I have them when I ride my bike, or when your mind is quiet and still.

The reason for this is the source within you, your inner being. is able to give you messages loud and clear, and you should listen because it’s who you really are.

So if you want answers and clarity it’s good to meditate or sit quietly concentrating on your breathing, this will allow the wisdom of your heart to dissolve the chatter of your mind.

Clarity is alignment, it’s a blissful state and will reveal a new way of being.

You will see things differently and you will then be able to make decisions from strength and clarity.

Happy Monday

Love Loraine x


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