A Vision of Potential

Hi friends

A Vision of Potential

Have you ever seen in someone a potential for greatness that they don’t see in themselves?

It could be a family member, a friend, an acquaintance, a complete stranger or a person on the TV that you think has an outstanding talent.

Recognising these qualities in others comes from observing, appreciating, looking for the good in others or just being a people watcher.

If someone you are close to is behaving not as you would like, your attention to it will amplify it, whereas if you can detach yourself from the emotional pull of their behaviour, and think of only their good qualities and why you love them so much, with practice that is all that will be shown to you., their full potential will shine through.

You know what it’s like when someone expects the best of you, that’s how you will behave, whereas if you are being criticised and moaned at your behaviour will reflect that too.

Remember it’s the law of attraction what you think about you bring about like attracts like, what you focus on you will get more of.

The X Factor judges must have this kind of mindset when auditioning people, they must be able to see that spark of talent, that potential for greatness, that X factor.

Everywhere I go I like to see the potential and good in people, whether it be in my children or in the young assistant in the supermarket with a lovely smile.

Everybody has some good in them, encourage them to show it, by just being in your presence, because even thinking good thoughts about them allows them to feel good about themselves.

Be the light that brightens up the world, allowing all those around you to shine and reach their full potential, and be their very own X factor.

Have a great day.

Lots of Love
Loraine x


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