Living an Extraordinary Life

Hi friends

Living an Extraordinary Life

To lead a life that is extraordinary requires you to live authentically and from your highest truth.

You will need to become consciously aware of beliefs that do not serve you, that are just not true, merely drop them and replace then with empowering uplifting beliefs.

You can identify your beliefs by how you’re living your life by what has manifested so far, and how you feel on certain subjects.

Just disown them, they don’t serve you. You are not them they are not you -simple.

To follow your highest truth and be totally – who you really are – you need to follow your joy and bliss and act on it, and live it moment by moment every day of your life experience. Not just at weekends, holidays, or evenings, but all the time. This is possible and you need to train yourself and your thinking.

Why is this so important?
It’s because these emotions are the vibratory translator of your true natural self, and on that frequency it’s who you really are.

Act on things that are of the highest degree of joy, excitement, love and happiness, and it will feel like a compass pointing north, directing you on exactly the right path of least resistance.

When on this high vibrational frequency acting in accordance with your utmost joy and bliss with no expectation whatsoever, you are in alignment with the energy that creates worlds, you are being your true self and synchronicity will follow you wherever you go.

So to summarize ways to lead an extraordinary life are:-
-Drop beliefs that do not serve you and are not true
-Follow your passion
-Focus on what you want
-Make feeling good your top priority
-Laugh, smile have fun every single day
-See only the good in people
-Go beyond faith to knowing that you are loved and supported more than words can say
-Dream big

Staying on that path to who you really are, will bring you the most amazing, fulfilling, satisfying, happy, joyful, blissful, synchronised, miracle making, aligned, extraordinary life imaginable.

To my mind well worth the effort – See it, believe it, act on it, know it.

Happy Monday

Lots of love
Loraine x


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