Ignite Your Imagination

Hi friends

Ignite Your Imagination

Our amazing imagination is a gift, but so under utilised.

We can literally imagine what we want to imagine – the freedom to fly through the sky like a bird to other countries or even to other planets.

Or being super rich and jet set all over the world, wearing designer clothes, driving a top of the range car.

Being a Hollywood actress/actor, where you’re given the red carpet treatment wherever you go. People queuing to get your autograph and interviews on TV.

You could be a missionary visiting third world countries, feeding the hungry, teaching them to help themselves.

You literally have the freedom to imagine whatever you like, the world is your oyster.

How often do we use our magnificent imagination? Probably not that often, and it can give you a lot of pleasure and so much fun, taking you away from the routine of every day life.

Whatever we are thinking and feeling, the universe and our subconscious mind doesn’t know whether it’s real or not, and in that highly excitable imaginary state circumstances and events on that vibrational frequency will be brought to you.

So this Christmas Eve I’m going to imagine myself flying all over the world sprinkling magic dust containing love, peace and joy to all, and in some miraculous way in our connectedness this will have a positive affect on the world.

So today if you feel a light dust of love and light, know that it’s me.

Have a lovely magical Christmas Eve.

Love as Always

Loraine x


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