The Magical Ingredient

Hi friends

The Magical ingredient

It’s New Years Eve and it’s a time where we contemplate the year we’ve just had and the forthcoming year ahead.

It’s a time where we are thinking of new year resolutions, whether it be losing weight, getting fit, giving up smoking, or making a conscious decision to be more positive.

It’s natural for us to want to better ourselves in any way we can, to improve our lives and those around us, and be happier and healthier in all areas.

But how many of those new year resolutions are forgotten in a week or less ? many I think.

If you could do just one thing whilst contemplating your New Years resolution, it will feel like the magical ingredient, and that is it must feel good to you, because if you don’t feel good about your plan it will not succeed.

You may really want to lose weight or give up smoking, you know you will feel better and healthier, but if you go over past failed experiences, embark on a plan that makes you feel like “here we go again” just stop and rethink, and do it a different way until it feels good, otherwise it’s a waste of time.

Whenever I’ve succeeded in anything in my life, I’ve always felt good prior to embarking on it.

Years ago when I tried to give up smoking, I knew that I had to. but didn’t really want to and I still enjoyed it, until I came across a book called Allen Carrs Easy Way to Stop Smoking, the book really resonated with me, he said things that gave me those aha moments, and when I finished the book I stopped immediately.

I’m planning to get into shape for a big forthcoming adventure, and I’m doing a plan with a friend, we talk about it, send pictures of meals to each other. It’s a plan from her doctor that she’s done before and it’s been a success. It feels good and exciting and we encourage each other, for me it’s a done deal because I can feel my alignment with my desire.

Whereas if I thought about going to a slimming club, this would not feel good and I would know not to go down that path.

So this New Year’s Eve I’m contemplating the most amazing year of my life, 2014 was filled with loads of fun, adventure, friendships, love, creativity, joy, empowerment, and a feeling of fulfilment and satisfaction that I’ve never felt before. It’s called creating a life of your own design. So:-

Follow your bliss
Follow your passion
Do things you love
Think only positive thoughts
Mix with people that uplift you
Have fun
Feel joy

Follow The Magic Ingredient

Happy New Year to all my fine friends, and thank you all for being a part of it.

Together we can make 2015 the best year ever.

There will be no limits to what we can achieve, the sky’s the limit for us with our mind blowing –


Lots of love as always

Loraine x


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