Clarity of Vision for 2015

Hi friends

Clarity of Vision for 2015

It’s here 2015. Have you really thought about what you want the year ahead to look like?

Today I want you to get very clear of what you want from 2015.

It may be one specific area you want to improve, or it may be 10. It doesn’t matter, what does matter is that you become crystal clear about your vision for 2015.

Because if you don’t and you have wishy washy desires, you will get wishy washy results.

So get a pen and paper and write down a list of what you want to happen, and be as clear as possible. On another sheet of paper write the reason that you want what you want, again be as specific as possible.

The universe can only bring you that which you’re clear about. How can it be any other way. You don’t walk into a shop and ask for a tin of paint when you really want a paint brush. It’s logical it stands to reason.

Put your lists by your bedside and before you go to sleep and on awakening read your lists and visualise your vision for 2015, and forget about how it’s going to happen, that’s not your job, the universe will come up with the hows.

Create a life of your own design. Make 2015 the year where it’s going to happen.

You are worth it
You deserve it
Believe it to be true and it will be.

Have a great day

Love from Loraine x


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