Rev it Up

Hi friends

Rev it Up

You know when you press your foot on the accelerator of a car, the engine revs up, the car gains speed and momentum and it feels really powerful.

It’s the same with your feelings and emotions, if you can get into a state of being where you rev up your good feelings, amplify them in any way you can, it will benefit you greatly.

I was reading the book The Power by Rhonda Byrne, it’s about the powerful emotion of love, and I quote:-

“To use love as the ultimate power in your life, you must love like you’ve never loved before. Fall in love with life! However much you have loved in your life, double that feeling, multiply that feeling by ten times, by a hundred times, a thousand, a million times, because that is the level of love you are capable of feeling! There is no limit, no ceiling, to the amount of love you can feel and it’s all inside you”

I decided to do this, I went out on my bike, I felt immense love for everything:-

The birds singing in the trees
The landscape of forests, fields of crops. wild flowers
The cool wind on my face
The blood rushing through my veins as I cycled
The feeling of freedom
Connection to the universe

I continued to rev up my feelings of love all day long, and amplified them to great heights, thinking about friends and family, holidays, feeling love for the good food I was eating.

The momentum carried me until I was in a state of ecstasy, it felt so good.

Well the days to follow were nothing short of spectacular. I went into Argos to get a new camera, the assistant Mark came up to me asked if he could help. He served me when I decided on a camera I liked, he chatted, was exceedingly friendly, beyond what I had ever experienced before.

I went to work and everyone I met was really nice, chatting and friendly. Infact the days to follow after my rampage of love felt like I was inside a ‘love bubble’
It felt amazing.

So you can see how revving up your emotions can bring you riches beyond your wildest dreams. The quality of your life will change dramatically for the better.

Because at the end of the day this is what it’s all about – LOVE- it’s behind everything we do.

So ramp it up, rev it up, amplify the love in your heart, then wait and watch the spectacular unfolding.

Have a love filled day

Love from
Loraine x


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