Support is Everywhere

Hi friends

Support is Everywhere

People often feel unsupported in their lives. be it by their partners, or at work or just in general. I hear them saying “he never supports me”, or “I have to do it all alone”

The reality is, if you only knew how loved, supported, adored, taken care of in each and every moment you would no longer feel this way.

All you have to do is allow it in, and have trust in your inner being and connection to the universe and all that is, to guide you to your highest good at all times.

How much are you supporting yourself? If you self criticise that’s not backing yourself up, become aware of those type of thoughts.

Treat yourself with kindness, respect and support, be your very own best friend, and know that you’re doing the best you can with what you know, with where you are right now.

Often asking for support is all that’s needed. We often think the people who are closest to us should just know that we need support but they don’t, and when you ask their response is “of course I will help and support you, you only had to ask”. Yes asking is very empowering and is a kind of supportive self love.

Have faith and trust that all you ever need to feel loved and supported is right inside you, just waiting to be tapped into –

Don’t you just love knowing that?

Have a great day

Love as always

Loraine x


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