The Wave of Prepave

Hi friends

The Wave of Prepave

To prepave is to organise yourself ahead of time and I know it sounds obvious but I witness people not doing it all the time.

A bit of forethought goes a long way, and it may seem an unimportant thing to do, but believe me it leads to a stress free, organised, well balanced, happy existence.

I do like spontaneity, but mainly I prepave everything in my life, and everything always runs smoothly.

For example, I’m going out for the day, I know I will be drinking alcohol, walking a lot and it will be cold, so I make sure I have a good slow release breakfast of porridge to warm me inside and out, I put thermals on, hat gloves and scarf, and wear comfortable shoes.

If I didn’t do one of those things, it could potentially ruin my day. As it happened I was equipped to have a wonderful, joyous day filled with lots of fun and laughter.

In every day life situations keep essentials like keys, purse, credit and debit cards, comb and make up in the same place, as you don’t want to waste time trying to find things just before you leave the house.

When dealing with money, credit or debit cards at the supermarket checkout be focused don’t chat whilst dealing with those sort of things, because it can lead to mistakes like leaving the card in the machine or forgetting something.

I’m going on a big trekking adventure in a few months and to say I want to be ultra organised is an understatement. I have re-sealable waterproof bags for each type of clothing, tops, bottoms, hat gloves etc, knowing exactly where they will be when I need them.

When I go walking in a group locally I’m planning for when I go on my big trip, putting camera in the front pockets, organising my rucksack, so that when my trip comes round I will be able to focus and enjoy the magnificent scenery instead of wasting precious time and energy looking for stuff.

Whilst on previous trips, because I stay in a different place each night if I didn’t have my case organised, I would tip everything out and hunt through the jumbled mess on the bed for something that was in the side pocket, and be stressed and hassled in the process.

Yes to prepave is to be on the wave of stability, calm, peaceful, organised, stress free clarity, well worth the effort to maintain your positive state in my opinion.

Have a great day

Love from
Loraine x


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