Your Greatest Teachers

Your Greatest Teachers

In the past couple of months two people have came into my experience, both of exactly the same ages, but that’s where the similarity ends.

The first person was really nice, always pleasant, respectful, obliging, cheerful, great that’s the sort of people we want in our life. We don’t want complaining negative people, they sabotage our positivity.

The second person although pleasant, charming, witty, kind and straight talking, there was evidence very early on of an addiction, and being a non-judgemental person I let people be who they are, unless it affects me personally then that is different, as I’m always saying about protecting your good feelings.

So there’s the fully functional positive person, and the dysfunctional negative person.

Which person do you think I’ve learnt the most from? Yes you’ve guessed it, the dysfunctional one, because I’ve had to dig deep into resources I didn’t know existed to deal with this person. It’s been a total eye opener and learning curve.

It’s taught me to be compassionate, kind, to be powerfully assertive in a non-confrontational way, clarity of the situation after initially being confused, forgiveness, seeing good in the person even though they couldn’t see it in themselves, and emphasizing that goodness in spite of the dysfunctional behaviour, setting clear boundaries, immense trust and love that all will work out well for this person.

We often take it personally when people behave badly or inappropriately, but we must remember that the battle is always with themselves.

Of course we want happy, positive, nice people in our lives and it stands to reason that we will attract this type of person if we’re consistently positive.

But never under estimate the growth factor when you encounter someone who is dysfunctional or pushes your buttons, it teaches you to dig deep to find the best possible ways to deal with them. It makes you strong and courageous and better able to cope when it happens next time.

Yes your tormentors are really your mentors, your greatest teachers, and although we don’t like it when it’s happening it feels negative and uncomfortable, it’s well worth remembering that they are teaching us to be better people, a more competent communicator, compassionate, kind, forgiving assertive, courageous and loving, and you will discover what you are truly made of.

Lots of Love

Loraine x.


2 thoughts on “Your Greatest Teachers

  1. Well said Loraine, it is so true. When someone who is radiating negativity comes into my life I view them as my vibrational indicator and thank them (not easy sometimes) for letting me know where my thoughts have been (or I would not have attracted them). Then I have the opportunity to see the good in them and get more positive momentum going or walk away till I am in a better place to see the good in them. It really is always about me and what is going on in my thoughts.
    Thanks for your positive, feel good words.


    • Hi Joanne,
      Yes we are always a mirror, the people that come into our lives are indicators of the vibration we’ve got going on, so we always know if we are on the right path. I agree when you say its not always easy, but when we know that and we create our own reality, there’s never any blame going.

      Thank you for your interest, I’m soon going to want to generate myself more widely, I’ve got a book coming out created from my blogs, that’s a few months off yet though. Take care and have a good weekend.
      Love Loraine x


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