Drop The Heavy Load

Hi friends

Drop The Heavy Load

The heavy load being worry, anxiety, depression, doubt, fear, not forgiving, hate.

These emotions weigh us down, it’s like carrying many bags up a steep hill.

We didn’t come here to experience pain and struggle, there’s nowhere in the universe that’s says you should be weighed down or struggle with anything.

There is a reason why these emotions feels so bad and negative it’s because it’s not who you really are.

The small worries as well as the big ones eat away at us, such as:-
Will he tidy his room I’m so sick of it being a mess
will I have enough money to last the month
Will the BT engineer come tomorrow to fix the internet
I Hope my boss is in a good mood, I feel like he targets me all the time.

We must stop trying to control the uncontrollable, and control the only thing that is controllable and that’s how we feel, moment by moment.

Once you drop this heavy load, it will feel like a car rolling down a hill with the brake off. It will feel like ease, bliss, joy, relief, exhilaration.

You came here to live a life of purpose, and that purpose is to experience joy beyond your wildest dreams and it’s available to you right here and now in this very moment.

Have a great day

Love from
Loraine x


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