The Seaside in Winter

Hi friends

The Seaside in Winter

I love the seaside in Winter, mainly because it’s an environment that’s normally associated with spending time lazing on the beach in the warm summer sun, and it’s such a contrast.

The wild, wet, windy weather, the frothy big waves crashing onto the seashore, the smell of seaweed, the vast mysterious ocean stretching out as far as the eye can see, looking murky, dark, untamed, cold and barren.
The colourful shiny, abundant pebbles that line the beach, huge seagulls with expansive wings flying high in the sky,

People wrapped up really well to contend with the harsh elements in their hats, scarves, gloves and winter clothes.

My recent trip to Bognor Regis in Sussex was no exception, although quite cold the sun shone and the sky was blue.

I was curious as to what other people felt about the seaside in Winter, and I approached 4 sets of people, and said to them “excuse me, do you mind me asking you a question, what do you think of the seaside in winter”

The first couple I asked lived in a nearby town to Bognor, and they said that they loved to walk along the promenade in the winter because there weren’t many people about, they also went on to say that Butlins had spoilt Bognor, almost lowered the tone. I suggested maybe it had also brought some prosperity to the town, they agreed. They went on to suggest a nearby town to visit called Goodward which was very scenic.

The next lady I asked was very nice, her name was Denise Squires, she was retired and lived in the flats overlooking the sea, she had moved there 5 years ago from Surrey, I was well impressed as for me that would be an ideal place to live. She was very positive and enthusiastic about the seaside in winter, she loved living there and said that she sees very impressive sunrises and sunsets, and there was always something happening, big boats sailing along the sea, families playing on the beach. Denise felt priveleged to live there.

The next couple who I asked were Val and Tucker and they were walking their big playful white dog, they too lived along the promenade and were equally as enthusiastic as Denise about Bognor. They said they loved to walk their dog along the promenade and that the seaside all year round was a fresh and natural environment, they said Arundel was a lovely town nearby to visit.

The last set of people I approached were a couple of young lads, Danny and Perry and they said they didn’t like the seaside in the winter because it was too cold, but said it was good for their hangover as they were from the Butlins party scene, they made me laugh.

It was enlightening to get other peoples opinion on the seaside in winter and I enjoyed chatting to them.

I walked further along the promenade and decided to have a paddle in the sea, it was freezing but invigorating, I sat on the beach, near some random boats that had seen better days, and meditated for a while, listening to the waves crashing onto the beach, the sound and smell of nature. There was a man canoeing on the choppy sea.

I always feel at one with the universe when at the seaside, particularly in winter it’s raw, rugged and back to nature. It’s a feeling of belonging with all that is, it’s good for the soul to feel this way once in a while.

Have a great connection to soul day.

Love from
Loraine x

Loraine Denison's photo.
Loraine Denison's photo.
Loraine Denison's photo.
Loraine Denison's photo.
Loraine Denison's photo.

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