Set Your Intentions

Hi friends

Set Your Intentions

Well today is 1st February, that month went quick, have you done all the things you set out to do for the year ahead so far.

My intentions are to continue writing on here and my blog, please visit it there are now many photos. Finish editing my book of the same title, get my house in Bulgaria rented out, and continue to stay positive.

What are your intentions and goals for the coming year? share them if you wish. It’s good to reinforce what you desire on a regular basis it keeps you focused and allows the law of attraction to gain momentum and make your wishes come true.

Have a great Sunday

Love from
Loraine x


2 thoughts on “Set Your Intentions

    • Hi Sally,
      This year I’m planning on renting my house out, to friends its £150, plus there is a transfer fee which works out £100 because its inland an hour and a half away. Best look at flights first, they are cheaper in Spring and Autumn,and the more people go the cheaper. I’ve created a website, have a look there are lots of pictures and stories. Sorry not replied earlier. Speak soon.
      Love Loraine x


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