Tribute to Kouncho

Hi friends

Tribute to Kouncho

Kouncho was a dear friend of mine who lived, with his mum Troufka opposite my house in Bulgaria, and yesterday I found out that he had sadly died.

This wasn’t entirely a shock as he was in hospital on a ventilator, after a brain haemorrhage when I was out there in November, he was 54.

I remember meeting Kouncho back in 2010, he waved from an upstairs room and welcomed me into his home and country with open arms, at a time when I was excited about my Bulgarian adventure, but at the same time vulnerable, alone and a little scared.

When I first bought my house it was very basic and near to derelict, but I still liked to stay there. Kouncho would help me with all sorts of jobs, him and his mates would help move furniture in, mend a dripping tap, put my BBQ together. Too many jobs to list here.

I often popped over to his house where his mum and at the time brother Ivan lived. Ivan lay on a bed as he had a stroke and Troufka looked after him, he died in 2013.

They would place all kinds of lovely home made food in front of me, pickles, salsa tomato spreads, rice puddings, wine and raki, a banquet each time I visited was laid on. They treated me like a princess, and I was very grateful and humbled by their hospitality.

It was Kouncho and another lady Dima’s birthday one year when I was out there and I laid on a party for them, it was warm and about 8 of us sat outside laughing joking, running round my huge garden just for the fun of it, happy days.

Kouncho often took me out into his clapped out old banger into the mountains, where we would go paddling in the stream, he knew I loved the Balkan mountains.

Apart from having a car he had a 3 wheel motorised bike that I would sit on with him, and we would go down the pub and sit outside with a beer and he would point out the new English people that had arrived.

Kouncho was well liked in the village of Rish, everyone waved and smiled at him as we walked along.

Kouncho is what I call one of the ‘real’ people who had all the good qualities of human nature, love, kindness, humble, resourceful, honesty and integrity.

I feel priveleged to have met Kouncho, meeting people like him makes up the great tapestry of life.

Through my teachings I know that we don’t die, we merely go back to where we came from and that out there in the ethers of the universe, kouncho’s source, energy, vibration, soul lives on and he knows I feel eternally grateful that our paths crossed on this amazing journey called life, and that I will always have deep love and respect for him.

Have a good day
Love from Loraine x

Loraine Denison's photo.
Loraine Denison's photo.
Loraine Denison's photo.
Loraine Denison's photo.

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