Break Through The Pain of Change

Hi friends

Break Through the Pain of Change

On Saturday I started a new job as an A&E nurse at Warford General Hospital, leading up to starting I was concerned about the journey and all that a new job entails.

I woke up at 4am on the morning of my shift and left at 5am to give me plenty of time,

The shift went well and everyone was really nice, but it felt awkward not knowing where things were, not knowing the layout, kept getting lost. It felt strange and unfamiliar and I didn’t really like it, but plodded on being professional and learning to remember things.

On the way home the naughty sat nav man took me the long way home, does anyone else get mad with their sat nav man like he was a real person? this happened to Kathy Pyper and I on the way back from Butlins he took us to Heathrow airport and we were saying things like “where’s he taking us” rolling our eyes and being inpatient with him, so funny.

Anyway, got home from my first shift, which was a long hard 12 hours, had to drive through the centre of Watford, because I took the wrong turning, I forgive you Mr Sat Nav, ended up being a very long way round.

I got home and texted my daughter and said “it’s too much, I can’t do it” she said “don’t give up it will get better”

In the morning a transformation took place, I woke up thinking WOW I did it, next time I go it won’t be unfamiliar , I will know the people, I will be able to find things and not get lost.

In other words I had broken through the pain barrier of change. It always feels awkward, scary, unfamiliar, uneasy when you experience change of any kind, whether it’s meeting new people, starting a new job, changing a bad habit, living in a new place, but once you break through it the benefits are so huge.

You grow as a person, you thrive and learn, you’ve formed new neuro pathways in the brain that stay there forever, and makes you more familiar with the new for next time.

Take that leap of faith for change, have the courage to just do it. It’s far better to try even if it means as you perceive it as failing, because it’s in the not trying that we fail. It’s far better than being stuck in that old familiar rut.

Become the person you want to be, push through the pain of the change barrier today, you can do it, you know you can.

Happy Monday

Lots of love as always
Loraine x


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