Repition Rules

Hi friends

Repetition Rules

Do you get the feeling when reading my posts that I repeat myself? Well you are absolutely right I do.

Of course I vary my stories and examples, but the underlining message is the same, and I do happen to think that the message of living with a positive attitude and creating your own reality is well worth repeating.

This is why I write on here early most mornings, it’s to set you up on the right positive footing for the day, if I did it just once a week it wouldn’t have the same affect.

Its like getting fit and into shape, you work out daily running, cycling, swimming, you use weights. You have a set repetitive strategy. It’s the same with mental health too.

To create good habits and produce new positive neuro pathways in the brain you must infuse your mind with a daily practice that resonates with you, and the daily is the key here, that negative ego mental chatter will take over if you let it, you have to train yourself to be positive.

I know you’re magnificent and your capabilities to experience joy, passion, unconditional love and empowerment can sky rocket through the roof.

Once you start believing that yourself, by infusing your mind daily with your chosen practices it’s only then that the magic, miracles and synchronicities will occur.

Have a great day

Love from
Loraine x


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