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My son Craig returned from a 3 week trip to Jamaica last week, but it wasn’t a normal, beach, hotel, clubbing type of holiday, it was one where he lived and worked amongst the people of a small shanty town.

He went with his friend Kevin whose family originate there, and stayed with his dad. The original plan was for Craig to do some Usain Bolt altitude training and help Kevin with work on building a shop and barbers in the town of Barbara Hall.

He came back with all sorts of stories about the Jamaican people, their lifestyle, way of life and culture.

Craig described the Jamaican people being full of character, and in his own words “they just don’t care” meaning they are very laid back and relaxed.

Music played constantly and being a rapper and music lover Craig loved this, they played the mandatory reggae and Bob Marley music, but also older 80s music.

Patois or patwa is the broken English language of the janaicans and often he couldn’t understand it, which he found quite amusing.

The town consisted of shops, a few bars and a strip club. The beaches of Black River and Treasure Island were a short taxi ride away with beautiful beaches of white sand and aqua blue sea.

Craig became friendly with the workers who worked on Kevin’s dad’s land. Their names were Little Man, Bigs and Rasta Man.

They would all meet up to go to the bar or beach and it was evident that Craig was the only one with money, but everything was so cheap he didn’t mind, a taxi ride to the beach was 150 dollars, 70p and drinks less that £1. it’s almost as if money was irrelevant.

The drinking of Jamaican rum amongst the locals was especially popular and beer.

Although Craig did do some work to help, he didn’t do the Usain Bolt training, but this type of trip is what I encourage.

It’s not a holiday it’s an adventure and education, it’s an experience that broadens your horizons, makes you expand and grow to live amongst the ‘real’ people of a country.

They think we are rich, but it’s they who are rich who live the simple, stress free, relaxed lifestyle. It’s been an experience that my son will cherish and stay with him forever.

Have a momentus Monday

Lots of love
Loraine x

Loraine Denison's photo.
Loraine Denison's photo.
Loraine Denison's photo.
Loraine Denison's photo.
Loraine Denison's photo.

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