Drop the Labels

Hi friends
Drop the Labels
Whether we realise or not we are always labelling ourselves, and often these labels do not serve us.
Labels such as:- I find it hard to lose wright, I’m an insomniac, there are no jobs out there, all the good men/women are taken, I never have enough money, I’m so disorganised, I always lose things, this world doesn’t support me, I feel always overwhelmed, I can’t stop this bad habit. The list goes on and I’m sure you could add a few here yourself.
The truth is the world and everything in it is neutral, it’s only us that give it meaning.
The universe is so loving, user friendly, supportive empowering, unconditional, kind and caring, and delivers to you exactly what you label yourself, that is the amount of freedom you’re given. You can’t compete with a love like that.
My own labels are I’m no good with technology, losing weight is slow going. But lately I’ve been saying I’m good with technology and things are beginning to improve in that area.
So today drop the labels that do not serve you, they are not true, they are not who you are.
You are a divine being who only deserves the best of what life has to offer.
Fall in love with yourself, your life and all that is, and –
Simply drop the labels.


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