The Many Channels

Hi friends
The Many Channels
We often think there is only one channel for our good, the reality is there is an unlimited supply of channels for everything that we want.
If you belief that the only way money can come to you is through your 9-5 job, then that is the experience you will have.
But if you open your mind to the possibility that money and abundance can come through many channels, such as an unexpected cheque in the post, you could find money, inherit it, win it.
There are so many ways abundance can come, just be willing to believe this to be true.
I’ve not been able to access my online banking and the profound affect this has had on my finances has been nothing short of a miracle. Because I can’t see what’s happening with my account I’m no longer thinking about it so I don’t feel concerned. The result is my finances have sky rocketed, I’m getting vouchers in the post, I’ve been given money, my hourly rate has doubled. It’s taken me many years to change my mindset about money, but it’s beginning to fall into place.
Fun is associated with socialising at the weekend, but fun can be had any time, any place, anywhere. Don’t wait for fun to be had at any particular time, incorporate it into your daily life and begin to see the fun lighter side of any situation.
Dating sites is the common avenue these days for meeting a romantic partner, but that is just one avenue to meet the love of your life.
Love can be found anywhere, such as in the supermarket queue, the dentist surgery, at work, socialising.
The belief that there’s only a finite amount of channels for everything is a false premise.
Once we get it and realise we are unlimited and the universe has the ability to deliver whatever we can imagine through many channels, we will know that the world really is our oyster and we can be do or have whatever we desire.


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