Feel the Tug

Hi friends

Feel the Tug

When you’re going about your every day lives and a thought comes into your head randomly, don’t ignore it.

Why? because it’s your inner being, your higher self, source calling you to your highest path, it feels like a tug. It’s very subtle and you must be aware of it in order to reap it’s full potential.

I ignored a tug feeling regarding a person a while ago and it did have some negative consequences, and in hindsight I wish I had listened to myself.

It’s called gut instinct, intuition and impulse too. But when you say a tug it feels like something is tugging and pulling you along to act.

Yes when you feel the tug listen, act and trust, for you are being summoned by our forever faithful friend the universe to the most powerful version of you, what could be greater than that?

Have a fab day

Lots if love
Loraine x


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