The Two Aspects of You

Hi friends

The Two Aspects of You

There are two aspects of you, there is the physical you, that is your body your blood, flesh and bones that can see, feel, taste, smell and hear.

And there is the non-physical part of you that you can’t see but it beats your heart, breathes your lungs, it’s called source energy, your consciousness , higher self, soul, call it what you will.

This same source energy within you is the all that is creation of the universe, and it grows trees and flowers, flows the rivers, keeps the sun, moon and stars in space and orbits our earth, in other words it’s in everything.

You are more vibrational energy beings than you are physical. This part of you never dies, it’s infinite, when you depart this physical life the source energy part of you lives on.

You are never disconnected from your source, it’s always there and loves you more than you will ever know.

But although you can’t be disconnected from source, you can do a damn good job of not tapping into the full power of the universe, that is yours for the taking in each and every moment. You do this by allowing negativity into your life, such as worry, anxiety, tension depression, not forgiving and complaining.

All you have to do to access this mighty power is to feel good, in whatever way you can, appreciate, love, look for the positive aspects in all situations, trust your gut, feel the tug, look for the good in people rather than the bad, even though it’s hard to find sometimes.

This is who you really are, when you feel all these positive good feeling emotions, it feels so good because you are in alignment with your source and therefore connected to the universal source.

We are all connected to this universal intelligent source energy at some level, and when your vibration becomes very high, you will notice all the synchronicities that alignment brings, and the good that will flow into your life wherever you turn.

The mere fact that you exist means that you are worthy and loved beyond description, it means that there is abundance and good for everyone, the universe and all of creation can accommodate all of humanity, it does not make mistakes, there is enough for everyone.

This is why, and I will quote my favourite teachers:-

“Nothing is more important than that you feel good”

“Circumstances don’t matter, only your state of being matters”

Now you know why circumstances don’t matter, because they can change at any time, your inner you creates your outer you.

This information is fairly new to mankind and it’s like when everyone thought the world was flat, now everyone knows it’s round. In a century of less everyone will know this information, it’s quantum physics.

But you know it now and you are very priveleged so take advantage of it, access the energy that creates worlds, harness your true power and align yourself with universal intelligence and find the true magnificence you were born with.

Have a great day

Love Loraine x


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