An Empowering Money Story

Hi friends

An Empowering Money Story

The life you live reflects the story you tell yourself and those around you, about life in general and the specifics on each area of your life.

It’s based on your beliefs, and if all is to your liking keep telling that story.

But if you’re like most people and you are wanting more money, here’s an empowering story you could practice in order to bring those bucks flowing into your life –

I’m now coming to realise that this journey to financial abundance is simply an emotional journey, and it’s not so much that I want more money it’s about feeling good about money, and appreciating what I already have.

It’s not about hard work and doing courses or even seeking a job, it’s about lining up the energy to allow money to flow to me.

I know there are endless channels in which my abundance can come and I am open to them, it can come through work, finding and inheriting money I can win it or unexpected money, coupons and deals can arrive in the post.

Money is merely an exchange of energy like everything else and it’s linked to how much value I have to give this world, I know I’m valuable and I have a lot to offer, my self esteem and self worth are very high.

I’m going to stop worrying and fretting about money, I know really all is well and I’m already abundant.

The flow of money is like the ocean, where it flows in then out. I receive it then spend it and enjoy life. I know the more money I have the more good I can do in this world. I can treat family and friends, do charity work, donate money, where nice clothes, go on exotic holidays.
This is why it’s not selfish for me to want money it can only bring love and good into my life.

I love money and money loves me, it flows generously to me, in fact money chases me and I’m going to slow down and allow it to catch up with me, I am money and money is me, I’m a money magnet.

I now know that wealth, abundance and prosperity are a mindset, and I’m training my mind to think this way in order for me to grow and thrive and prosper in all areas of my life. This feels good and I know I’m on the right path.

Practice this story or adapt to your liking for 30 days and watch as your finances take an upward spiral.

Have an abundant day

Lots of love
Loraine x


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