This Non Exclusion Universe

Hi friends

This Non Exclusion Universe

Whenever we have a problem or there’s issues in the world that we feel is an injustice, the normal way of dealing with it is to focus on it wrestle it to the ground, talk about it, debate it and try and solve the problem that way.

But we live in a non exclusion attraction based universe, wherein what we focus on we get more of.

So for example there’s a war going in some part of the world, we watch it on the news, talk about it, some people go on rallies to protest about it.

By doing this we actually perpetuate and add to the war on a vibrational level, by our focus on it, because what we think about we bring about. Far better to pray, visualise and ask for peace in that country.

Mother Theresa was asked to go to a war rally, she said no, but if there’s a peace rally I will go on one. She knew about the laws of the universe.

If you have a problem say with money, you worry, fret, get angry and frustrated at your situation. The universe is unable to bring you better circumstances because of your lack mentality.

If some how some way you could feel prosperous and abundant despite your circumstances things will improve.

It’s not about ignoring problems and situations, you can acknowledge they exist, but decide that you’re going to take the positive route to solving or the situation.

It’s about having a fundamental clear understanding about the law of attraction, the laws of the universe, it really is quite simple think more about what you want rather than what you don’t want.

The universe will be like a boomerang and bring this back to you, it’s a mirror, a photocopy machine.

When this principle is embedded in your psyche you will know without a doubt you are the creator of your own reality, and therefore very powerful indeed.

Have a wonderful day

Love Loraine x


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