You Are Who You Say You Are

Hi friends

You Are Who You Say You Are

I always had the belief that I was not good with technology. and some may say that it’s because I wasn’t brought up with it like the youngsters are today.

I also bought into a comment that someone made about it being hard for elderly people to contend with technology like internet banking, computers, emails and the like, until I aired this view with someone else who said their grandma is always on the computer, and thinks nothing of online banking and is completely comfortable with today’s modern technology.

So even though I had this belief, I would still press on with all the new obstacles that would come my way, feeling annoyed and frustrated in the process, negative emotion would well up inside me with thoughts of why can’t they just do it like before eg letters in the post and phone calls to real people.

But lately, technology seems to be taking over my life, my work situation has changed and I now have an accountant, I have to scan and print things off, go online for almost everything. It seems like more and more is being thrust at me and it feels like the universe is testing me.

I bought a combination lock for a big adventure I’m going on soon, it seemed complicated to set the numbers, I became frustrated and inpatient so I left it for a few days, then came back to it with a different mindset that I was clever and good with technology, I read the instructions carefully and with focus, and hey oh it worked I got my result.

So I’ve come to the conclusion that you are what you say you are. It’s not about age, ability or intelligence.

I’m now saying I’m a clever technological wizard and I’ve decided to let go of fear and doubt and choose only empowering loving thoughts about myself from now on.

So today what is your preference about who you are? decide here and now that they will be the highest version of you, that empower and uplift and affect all those you encounter.

Have a fab day

Love as always
Loraine x


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