The Invisible Counsellors

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The Invisible Counsellors

In Napoleon Hill’s classic book Think and Grow Rich there’s a chapter called The Sixth Sense, wherein he has a nightly imaginary meeting before sleep with 9 of the most influential men in his life, and he is the chairman of the meeting.

Some of them being Lincoln, Emerson, Carnegie and Edison. At first when writing the book he was apprehensive about revealing what he did, because he was afraid of what people would think.

But the results of this unusual but amazing visualisation were so astounding that he decided to include the chapter.

The characters took on unique characteristics in his imagination. He would ask the individuals questions, and because he did it at night these questions would incubate over night and Napoleon was given inspired ideas, miracles and synchronicities would occur that were in line with what he had thought.

Apparently Walt Disney would close his eyes and imagine, and he said it was at the forefront of his wisdom, inspiration and success.

Thomas Edison the inventor of the light bulb would take a nap and describe ideas that seemed to come from outer space.

Using your imagination in this way is linking your conscious mind to your subconscious mind. It’s like tapping into your subconscious, and it allows the answers and inspired ideas to flow.

So today choose several people who you admire and have an imaginary meeting with them, and use your imagination to the full, as this area of our mind is often under utilised, and ask your council answers to your most profound questions. Ask for ideas that will inspire you. You could leave these questions to incubate and come back the next day for the answers, or just wait for answers to miraculously appear though your thoughts.

I think this is a fun and very productive technique to encourage you to use your imagination more and find answers from your higher self.

Also having a team of Counsellors that are on your side rooting for you at all times, you will feel like the most loved person on the planet, which of course you are.

Have an amazing day.

Lots of love
Loraine x


One thought on “The Invisible Counsellors

  1. Fabulous Loraine. Who’s on your team? Do they have to be dead? My first quick list includes Kate Aidy (who isn’t), Napoleon Hill, Dorothy Rowe (who might be), Elisabeth Kubler-Ross and Jesus. What an interesting dinner party that would make!


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