Rose Coloured Glasses

Hi friends
Rose Coloured Glasses
When people are burying their heads in the sand to avoid facing a situation or looking only for the good, they are referred to as wearing rose coloured glasses.
In my opinion this is a very good idea, because in every situation and person there is always two sides the positive and negative, and as everything in this life is perceptual, meaning it’s how you look at and perceive things, surely it’s best to look at the positive aspects, it’s far more enjoyable and more good will come to you.
You are going to a job that you don’t like, but you want to gave a good day and make the best of it, so you put on your imaginary rose coloured glasses, you could make a circle with your fingers and put them up to your eyes, and set the intention that you’re going to only look for the positive aspects of the job and your situation.
You decide that at least you have a job, there are many that don’t, you smile at everyone you meet, and you give 100% to your work, you’re grateful to your boss for guiding and praising you.
Before you know it your having an amazing day, it’s all running smoothly, everyone seems exceptionally nice and friendly, and all because you put on your rose coloured glasses and set the intention to look for the positive aspects of your job, before embarking on your day.
Because you can never get from where you are to where you want to be by feeling unhappy and dissatisfied, it’s the law of attraction, like attracts like.
A bit of forethought goes a long way, whether it be your job, relationships, health, life in general when you put on those rose coloured glasses and set your intention, your life will take on a new meaning where only the good comes your way, and it will feel like heaven on earth.
Have a wonderful rose coloured day
Love as always
Loraine x


2 thoughts on “Rose Coloured Glasses

  1. I bought some pink sunglasses and always find that wearing them is very cheering and happy-making – so the rose-tinted glasses thing is based on fact!

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