The Law of Deliberate Creation

Hi friends
The Law of Deliberate Creation
Without realising it many of us are creating our lives by default, meaning we are living the reality and focusing on what is happening around us, getting more of the same and it’s just a never ending spiral, if it’s good and positive that is good, but often it’s not.
We watch the news get caught up in someone else’s perception of how bad the world is, worry and fret about other peoples troubles, and through all of this we can do nothing except create a lot of negativity, and are left feeling powerless.
But there is another way and that is you deliberately create, and you do this by becoming very sensitive to the thoughts your thinking, what you’re allowing into your life, eg what you choose to watch on TV to the people you mix with. In other words you create a life that feels really really good.
Ask yourself 3 questions:-
What do I want?
Why do I want it?
How do I want to feel?
When you step into that feeling place of how you want to feel before what you want has arrived, you are a deliberate creator.
For example you want more money and feel more abundant, it is possible to feel this way prior to becoming abundant. Just look around you there is abundance everywhere, we are all living an abundant life already. We have a roof over our head, plenty to eat, clean drinking water, places to go, most people have jobs. That feeling of gratitude and appreciation will bring you more abundance in all areas of your life.
Just pay attention to the thoughts you’re thinking, they lead to emotions which are the energy communicator that goes out into the world.
Yes we can choose that powerful positive energy right now it just takes practice. We can always. come to the table with the right energy, it’s a choice.
Choose to feel successful
Choose to feel free
Choose to feel abundant
Choose to feel secure
When you do you are living on purpose, you are a deliberate creator, you are not being pulled this way and that, you are in control and very powerful indeed.
When you CHOOSE this high vibrational energy by the law of attraction it has to come back to you, and your life will be exactly as you choose and be blissful beyond what you ever thought possible.
Happy Sunday
Love as always
Loraine x


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