Having It All

Hi friends
Having It All
Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been listening to Christy Whitman interview many high profile people on the subject of having it all, Christy was motivated by women who said that you couldn’t have it all, and she is promoting her book of the same title.
The concept of having it all varied and was unique to the individual, but a few pieces of advice kept coming up with all the people she interviewed.
Here’s some of the answers to Christy’s – What is having it all? :-
Find out what you love doing and dedicate your life to it.
Bob Proctor
Having a truly joyous experience of life with no limits.
Bob Doyle
If we live with gratitude and appreciation, this connects us to abundance. Develop appreciation as a general state of being.
We grow more when we appreciate ourselves.
Mary Morrisey
You can have what you believe you can have.
It’s about being PRESENT, practice daily being present.
E.G. Daily
By being able to do what you want when you want to do it. Also self love opens the doorway of a feeling of fully deserving having it all.
Sincere gratitude for your life and what you have now, and all your next moments will get better.
Be overwhelmed with gratitude, you’re living a miracle, we have it all already.
Joe Vitale
Her grandmother said “nothing ages you more than stinking thinking”
Everyday enlightenment, being with people you love and sharing your light with the world.
Daily practice of living with your heart and soul, and being in alignment.
Say yes to what’s true for you, no to what’s not, walk the talk.
Having it all is measured by the level of joy you’re feeling, this let’s you know you’re on track.
Marcia Wieder
Be open to new possibilities, why should you deny yourself anything?
Flirt with everything and connect to the energy
Thank god for the repitition in our lives, like getting up, coffee time, but we often miss the novelty, the miracle of it all, the novelty will last forever, every moment is unique.
Mr Twenty Twenty
Having material stuff is very nice, but better still is a simple life.
You always have what you need in life, and if it seems you don’t you’re looking in the wrong direction. Make the change, and the support you need will be available to you. When something is wrong don’t blame but look elsewhere.
If you try and put all your eggs in one basket you will always be disappointed, get your different needs met, have a full life in different places.
Author of Men are from Mars, women are from Venus – John Gray
Standing in your greatness, and allowing no one to undermine that.
Lisa Nichols.
So you see everyone has varying opinions of having it all, but one underlining factor was present in many of the interviews, and that was gratitude, if you can feel immense gratitude you have the key to all the riches the universe has to offer.
Personally my having it all is different to what it was 10 years ago, where it used to be the family, kids, money, home, friends etc. now it’s about feeling joy in every moment, and when I’m not, being able to quickly get back on track. The feeling of being eternally grateful for everything plays a big part in my life, and living in the now.
Knowing that we are all connected in this wondrous universe, and that there is a force of universal intelligence that loves and supports us in each and every moment for me is the ultimate in having it all.
What is your having it all? Ask yourself this question today, and believe that you are most certainly worthy of-
Have a great day
Love as always
Loraine x


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